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Abortion Information and advice | bpas

If you’re pregnant and considering abortion it’s important to know that you’re not alone. Every year at bpas we help thousands of women in your position. Accessing advice on abortion can be difficult in Ireland, so we have set up www.abortion.ie which has useful information about who you can talk to, the different types of abortion treatments available, travelling to bpas and prices.

bpas provides abortion care for women faced with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they aren’t able to continue with. Abortion is not legal in Ireland so we understand the extra problems that Irish women face having to travel abroad for termination of pregnancy if they choose to.


Last year over 5,000 Irish Women travelled out of Ireland for abortion treatment and we have lots of experience supporting women in this situation. We are the UK’s leading abortion provider and have been providing high quality, affordable abortion care for over 40 years. We have 40 bpas centres in the UK, many of which are close to ports and airports with low cost travel directly to Ireland.


Our discrete and welcoming clinics provide you with:

  • Total confidentiality
  • Fast and convenient appointments, including weekends
  • Dedicated time to discuss all treatment options on a one to one basis
  • Same day consultation and treatment
  • A choice of different treatments including the “abortion pill” up to 9 weeks, medical and surgical procedures up to 24 weeks
  • Complete aftercare service including a 24 hour support line and counselling if required

Our service is respected for its quality of care and is delivered by highly trained staff that are sensitive, non judgemental and focused on your well-being. bpas is a registered charity and all income is used to further improve the services we provide in the UK

To book a fast and convenient appointment

From Northern Ireland call bpas on:
08457 30 40 30
The call will be charged at a local rate.

From the Republic of Ireland please call:
+44 1789 416569
Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Abortion advice and counselling

It’s normal to have mixed feelings about being pregnant when you didn’t plan to be. Or you may have clear feelings about what is right for your situation. However you are feeling it is important that it is you who decides what to do in the end, but it can really help to talk to someone else about your options. There are agencies in Ireland that offer non-directive pregnancy counselling so you can discuss all your options with a trained counsellor who doesn’t know you. Non-directive pregnancy counselling means that the counsellor will not influence you or offer any opinion about what may be best for you.

Click here for more information on non-directive pregnancy counselling.


There are two main methods of abortion

A medical abortion involves taking medicines which make the womb contract and push out the pregnancy causing cramping and bleeding similar to a miscarriage.

A surgical abortion involves a simple procedure where gentle suction is used to remove the pregnancy. You can have a surgical abortion under local anaesthetic whilst you are awake, or general anaesthetic whilst you are asleep.

The type of abortion procedure you may have depends on how many weeks pregnant you are, whether you would like to be awake or asleep and your personal choice. If you have any medical conditions they may affect which treatment types we can offer you. Before having abortion treatment with bpas you will need to have a consultation where we will scan you to confirm the dates of the pregnancy, go through your medical history and answer all your questions so that we make sure the abortion treatment you have chosen is suitable for you. Often this appointment will happen on the same day as treatment.

Click here for more information about the different types of abortion.


We offer all Irish women travelling over to England for their abortion treatment with us a discounted fee because of the extra expenses they face.

Click here to see our discounted price list for Irish women.


To book a fast and convenient appointment

From Northern Ireland call bpas on:
08457 30 40 30
The call will be charged at a local rate.

From the Republic of Ireland please call:
+44 1789 416569
Phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

bpas appointments are easy to arrange and completely confidential. We respect your privacy at all times.

Please let us know that you are from Ireland when you call and we may be able to arrange consultation and treatment on the same day for you.

Click here to visit bpas’ Irish website where you will find information about bpas, the treatments we offer and how to get to us from Ireland.

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