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Mental Health Services in Dublin

St. Patrick's University Hospital is Ireland's largest independent mental health service provider. They are a Not-for-Profit organisation dedicated to providing the highest quality of mental health care, promoting mental health and advocating for the rights of those who suffer from mental illness. 

St. Patrick's University Hospital is committed to a Recovery Model focused on fostering positive coping and management skills to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from mental illness and return the individual to an active social, personal and work life. 

As part of their five year strategy, Mental Health Matters, launched in February 2008, St. Patrick’s has established new services for adolescents which are distinct from adult services and has also developed community-based services, the Dean Clinics, to provide mental health services within the community. Service delivery at St. Patrick’s is also firmly focused on a Recovery Model and the Hospital has developed a Wellness & Recovery Centre on site. St. Patrick's University Hospital is focused on the inclusion of those who suffer from mental illness as full and equal partners in the planning, management and evaluation of mental health services and in the treatments they receive.

As part of Mental Health Matters, St. Patrick’s University Hospital has also developed technology-Based Services including web-based supports and a free and confidential mental health support and information line that is staffed by mental health professionals: 

Support and Information Line

Tel: (01) 2493333

Email: info@stpatsmail.com 

St Patrick's Hospital group strategy

St. Patrick's University Hospital's Mental Health strategy

Two hundred and fifty years ago, St. Patrick’s University Hospital was opened to provide services to those who suffer from mental illness. Since that time, the organisation has seen many changes in Ireland and abroad. Throughout these changes, St. Patrick’s has always
endeavoured to engender positive attitudes to mental health and to provide the best and most up-to-date diagnoses and treatments for sufferers of mental illness.

St. Patrick’s today is an independently governed, not-for-profit mental health care organisation. It aspires to be the recognised leader in the provision of quality mental health care, in the
promotion of mental health and in the protection of the rights and integrity of those who suffer from mental illness in Ireland.

It engages in the following activities:

  • Working with those who suffer from mental illnesses and with their families by providing in-patient, day care and outpatient services through specialty multi-disciplinary programmes
  • Educating and training those experiencing mental health problems, clinicians, employees, patients, students, relatives and volunteers on the various aspects of mental health
  • Increasing public understanding of the importance of mental health and the nature, extent and consequences of mental health difficulties.
  • Promoting, funding and conducting research into the cause, treatment and prevention of mental health difficulties.

St. Patrick’s is committed to a Recovery Model focused on fostering positive coping and
management skills to enhance the quality of life of those suffering from mental illness and return the individual to an active social, personal and work life.

Their role

Because of their independence, national accessibility, distinct range of services and
commitment to consultation, St. Patrick’s University Hospital is uniquely placed to monitor, evaluate, highlight and respond to the changing landscape of mental illness within Ireland.

Their vision

St. Patrick’s University Hospital wants to see a Society where all citizens are given the opportunity to live mentally healthy lives.

Their purpose

St Patrick’s aspires to provide the highest quality of mental health care, to promote mental health and to advocate for the rights of those who suffer from mental illness.

Their values and principles

St. Patrick’s University Hospital is person-centred in its focus, striving to understand and meet service users’ needs and to include them in all important decisions. They treat people with respect, dignity and compassion and strive to use all the resources of the organisation in a way that enhances the Hospital’s reputation, protects its assets and enables us to fulfil our mission.

The Dean Clinics: An introduction

The Dean Clinics offer a unique independent sector service to the general population. The service has been designed towards the mental health needs of the community in a multi-disciplinary setting, ensuring the holistic needs of each client are met.

The Dean Clinics provide three levels of care:

  • A general adult community multi-disciplinary assessment and treatment service within the Dean Clinics.
  • Access to the Wellness & Recovery Centre and specialist treatment programmes within their day care services at St. Patrick’s University Hospital.
  • Access to inpatient care in St. Patrick’s University Hospital.  

Dean Clinics are providing services in Dublin and Cork. Additional regional services are planned for Galway and Dublin. The community based adolescent mental health service is provided at the Lucan Dean Clinic

The Referral Telephone Number for the Dean Clinics Service is: 01-2493535

Dean Clinics

Role & aim of the service

They aim to provide a new dynamic service which is relevant to local needs and recognises the reality of managing mental health problems within a community setting.

They will provide assessment and treatment for mental health disorders in people over the age of 18.

Specialist services such as those for addictions will be managed in one of the Dean Clinics and complex mental health disorders may be referred for services based at St. Patrick's University Hospital and St. Edmundsbury Hospital.


The multidisciplinary team operates on recovery principles (hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy and support) thus ensuring the experience of the service is one of empowerment, hope and recovery. The service is also committed to delivering supportive relationships with GPs recognising the central role that the primary care team plays in delivering mental healthcare.

Read more about the Dean Clinics mental health services.

National Mental Health Assessment

St. Patrick’s University Hospital provides a wide range of programmes and services delivering therapeutic treatment and care to patients. In addition the departments of Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural therapy provide individual and group psychotherapeutic interventions.

Read more about the National Mental Health Assessment service at St. Patricks University Hospital.

For all appointments and further information please contact:
Whether you are an existing customer or just interested in receiving some information or advice on your requirements, you can contact St. Patrick’s University Hospital by calling them on +353 1 249 3200


Free and Confidential Mental Health Support & Information Service


Tel: (01) 2493333
Email: info@stpatsmail.com


St. Patrick's University Hospital
James St.
Dublin 8

General Hospital Enquiries:
Tel: (01) 249 3200
Email: info@stpatsmail.com

GP Referral Lines:
Hospital Admission Enquiries: (01) 249 3635
Dean Clinic Referral Enquiries: (01) 249 3535

Hospital Location:
St. Patrick’s University Hospital is located at the junction of Steeven's Lane and Bow Lane West

Luas Information
The Luas runs every 5 minutes on the Green Line and it will bring you straight to St. Patrick’s University Hospital (get off at Heuston Station).

Bus information
123 | 206 | 51B | 51N | 69N | 78A | To James Street and from there it is a 5-10 minute walk.



Referrals and Admissions

If you are worried about your own mental health or that of a relative / friend, your first point of contact should be your GP. He / She will discuss your mental health treatment needs with you. Following assessment by your GP he / she may recommend that you are referred for an assessment of your mental health at one of St Patrick's University Hospital's community mental health clinics called Dean Clinics. Alternatively, He / She may suggest that you need to come into Hospital.

If your GP feels that you need to come into Hospital they will need to contact a member of our Admissions & Assessment Unit team at St Patrick's University Hospital (at 01-2493635 or 01-2493640). In addition, your GP will need to complete a GP admission referral form.

When the Assessment Unit team receives this referral form from your GP, you will be contacted by a member of the Assessment Unit team to arrange your admission.

GP Referrals

Please use the relevant form


Contact Numbers:

Hospital Admission Enquiries: (01) 249 3635

Dean Clinic Referral Enquiries: (01) 249 3535

Professional Support and Information Service: (01) 249 33 33