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Eyelid surgery | Blepharoplasty | Eyelid cosmetic procedure

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The medical term for eyelid surgery or an eyelid lift is ‘blepharoplasty.’ The operation can be either functional, purely cosmetic, or a combination of both. During the procedure the surgeon will reshape your upper and lower eyelid and may remove fat, excess skin, or muscle from around the eye area.

Cosmetic eye surgery (blepharoplasty) is undertaken in order to improve field of vision if the upper eyelid is severely drooping, and to remove puffiness and ‘bags’ underneath the eye. It can also be done to achieve a more alert, youthful look, eliminating puffiness, bags and sagging skin that can make one appear older and tired. In the Pacific Asian patient blepharoplasty is often called the ‘double eyelid’ operation and aims to give an upper eyelid crease where one is absent. The reasons for Asian patients wanting blepharoplasty is almost never to Westernise their looks but to provide an eyelid crease that approximately fifty per cent of Pacific Asians are already born with. By gaining a pretarsal crease, Asians without one align themselves to facial features consistent with those occurring naturally in the Asian population. Women who have this eyelid surgery often want to improve their ability to apply makeup, and look more bright eyed and alert.

Eyelid surgery will not completely remove crow’s feet, wrinkles, shadows around the eyes, or brow lines, but if the operation is performed in conjunction with a face or brow lift, this can be achieved.

During eyelid surgery small external incisions are made around the eyes in the natural creases of the upper eyelid, or below the lashes of the lower lids, to help hide tiny scars afterwards. Patient’s age, skin quality, and facial anatomy all affect the cosmetic outcome and functionality after blepharoplasty, but most operations are a complete success.

This eyelid surgery information guide will attempt to answer your questions and provide more details about eyelid surgery in general. If you have any specific questions please refer to your doctor or cosmetic plastic surgeon.

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Guide to eyelid cosmetic surgery in Ireland

  • logo-hospital-group Eyelid cosmetic eye surgeryThe eyelid thins and stretches under the influence of gravity, and the action of blinking and smiling plus environmental
  • logo-hospital-group Eyelid surgery operationDuring a blepharoplasty the surgeon will make small incisions in the natural creases of your eyes while you are under general
  • logo-hospital-group Eyelid surgery side effectsFollowing the surgery you may feel as if your eyes are sticky, dry, or itchy. Your eyelids might feel tight and sore.
  • logo-hospital-group Eyelid surgery costThe cost of eyelid surgery varies from place to place and country to country. In Ireland, The Hospital Group currently

Guide to cosmetic surgery in Ireland